Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your hours?

We are open on Monday from 11am to 6pm, on Tuesday through Thursday from 10am to 5pm, and on Saturday from 9am to 4pm. We are closed on Friday and Sunday.

2. Do you close on Snow Days?

Library policy states that "For the safety of our patrons during the winter months, the library will be closed when the Albert Gallatin Area School District closes because of severe weather conditions. If the school district has an Early Dismissal because of deteriorating weather, the library will close early."

3. How do I get a library card?

Library cards are free to residents of German Township, Masontown Borough and the Albert Gallatin Area School District. To apply for a library card, present a valid copy of your driver's license or other identification with your current address. We are a WAGGIN library. Your library card can be used at 20 libraries in Fayette, Greene and Washington counties.

4. Can I use a computer?

There are eight computers are available for circulation at the German-Masontown Public Library. Computers are checked out for one hour intervals. At the end of the hour, you may check it out again if there aren't other patrons waiting for computer use. We would like you to know that the computers automatically shut down 15 minutes before the library closes. If you are doing an employment application or a resume, let us know so that we can adjust the time limits for you.

5. Can I print from this computer?

Our library computers are networked with our printer. Each page you print costs $0.25. Want color copies? They are $1.00 per page.

6. Can I send a fax? 

You can send and receive faxes at the German-Masontown Public Library. It costs $1.25 a page, sending or receiving. You will receive a confirmation page. A fax cover sheet costs $0.25. For the same price as a fax, we can also scan documents and pictures.

7. Do you take book donations?

We welcome your book donations of books copyright date 2000 or newer. If we can't use them for our collection, we pass them onto the Friends of the Library for their book sale, or we pass them onto another library in need.

8. Do you have internet or Wi-Fi?

Yes, our library is equipped with high-speed internet access and free Wi-Fi during open library hours.

9. Do you offer GED classes?

Currently, we do not have onsite General Equivalency Diploma classes. 

10. Are there fines for overdue materials?

Print materials are 25 cents per day, and audio-visual materials are $1.00 per day. Electronic resources do not have fines or overdues.

11. How do I make a memorial donation?

Either visit the library to make a donation or download this form: